Founded in 1911, Lubiam has remained a staple of classic and timeless tailoring in Italy. The company was founded and still remains today in Mantova Italy among the oldest of suit makers. The quality craftsmanship cultivated over the last century is evident in every piece. Each sport coat from Lubiam’s Luigi Bianchi line is as timeless as it is fashionable and a must have for any man’s collection.

Coppley is a Canadian based tailored clothing company that has been producing quality garments for 137 years. They have perfected the marriage of traditional luxury craftsmanship with modern technology to create some of the highest quality pieces while still being affordable. In addition, because of their technological advances in the industry, their turnaround times for custom garments created specifically for you is a mere two weeks. They pour so much love and care into every Sport Coat they produce. A Sport Coat from Coppley will, without doubt, be the first you grab from out your closet.

Hart Schaffner Marx’s story is as American as they come. Two immigrants came to America and scraped up just enough funds to open a clothing store in Chicago. Ever since, Hart Schaffner has been a recognized name in the tailored clothing conversation. Still manufactured in the US, HSM is committed to producing quality garments that represent the ideals of what the founders set out to do.

Daniel Hechter, although not quite up to par with the above mentioned brands, creates high quality pieces that are both stylish and affordable. The brand implements timeless styles that can quickly turn into staples of any man’s wardrobe.