It only takes a second for others to form a first impression of you. What is the first impression? It’s not what you say. It’s not what you do. A first impression starts the way you look.

At Johnston’s, we are here to help you look your best. Let’s be honest – you can buy a suit anywhere. Our clients rely on Johnston’s because we take pride in the craft of Custom Fitted Clothing and employ only the most talented Master Tailors in the industry.


At Johnston’s, we only offer the highest quality men’s clothing available from among the most prestigious brands on the market. Before a line of clothing enters our store, we scrutinize every detail from the button threads down to the inner lining. For those that exceed our high standards, we offer them to you with confidence that you will look and feel your best.

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Coppley understands a fundamental truth about menswear, specifically suits. One size does not fit all. Coppley utilizes a marriage of old techniques, the finest fabrics from across the world, and new precise technologies to produce thousands of garments, each uniquely fitted to their wearers. Coppley can trace their roots back to 1883 which gives them well over 100 years of crafting the best possible pieces. The majority of their luxury fabrics come from the finest mills in Italy and every garment they construct is done so in Canada. Coppley will always be special to us, not simply for what they produce, but for who they are as a company.

Lubiam is one of the few suit makers in Italy that is still run and has only been run by the family of its founder Luigi Bianchi that started the brand in 1911. All their goods are constructed in Italy and produced with piece goods from Italian mills. Of all the brands we carry Luigi Bianchi is without a doubt the most prestigious, therefore it usually runs a higher price tag. When you purchase a Lubiam suit however, you know you are, in fact, purchasing the best.

Since 1911, HART SCHAFNER MARX has believed in the power of the American suit and that faith truly shows in the goods they produce. Founded in Chicago, this company has worked tirelessly to create a lifestyle brand that is, at its core, uniquely American. We have seen the brand grow along with the country, as we change and progress, so do they. Yet in the same breath, they remain true to their roots and values of producing quality and reliable goods regardless where in the country they are being worn or where trends go.

Maxman has been a pleasure to work with now for some time. They are dedicated to keeping up with current trends, as all do, but Maxman does this while maintain a level of affordability other brands cannot boast. The brand’s suits are made in China from Italian piece goods and boast an extensive and available line of suits ranging in fits, styles, and fabrics. If you are looking for a reliable and fitted suit without breaking the bank, look no further than Maxman.