We love Johnston & Murphy, and it’s not just because of their name. Johnston & Murphy has been a go-to brand for thousands upon thousands of men for over 100 years and still are to this day. Whether you are a professional in Wichita KS or a US president, Johnston & Murphy has something for you. In recent years we have been thrilled with their push to more contemporary and comfortable options while still maintaining timeless lines of dress shoes that will never go out of style.



Allen Edmonds is synonymous with quality and American craftsmanship. Since 1922 they have been crafting shoes here in the US with the utmost care and fine attention to detail. Every shoe is made from premium leather and truly boasts a construction to write home about. The shoes are tough as they are stylish and classic and will last for years on end. Allen Edmonds believes in the principle that things are better done right the first time, however, shoes do rundown in time. Because of this Allen Edmonds does something rather unparalleled in the industry and allows, once the shoe has been worn out, to be sent back to their factory at a small fee and what you are sent back is the same shoe that looks as good as the day you first purchased it. A new sole, heel, and a refurbished upper equate to YOUR shoe looking as if it has never been worn. We have seen some “well loved” Allen Edmond shoes last well over a decade because of this process.

This Brand is a fun one! Martin Dingman was formed over 30 years ago by Mr. Dingman himself. The company is built around family and adventure. Their moto “The Refined Country Life” speaks volumes to their brand. They craft a unique, comfortable, stylish, and just an all around great shoe!