Denim has become a necessity for the American man. Whether you wear it skinny or full cut, light or dark wash, for bailing hay or a night on the town, everyone has a special place in their heart for denim. When it comes to purchasing this amazing article of clothing then, it is important to get the best!


The Sport Shirt, much like the Sport Coat, is a valuable piece of clothing! It bridges the gap between casual and formal effortlessly. It can leave you looking a step above the rest while not being comically overdressed. When paired with denim for a casual look or dressed up with khakis or slacks for more formal occasions, it is always a good option!


We will say this as many times and as loud as we need to… There are better options than tennis shoes! When we are talking casual outfits tennis shoes have their right and just place. However, when you are debuting your favorite new pair of colored denim for a social evening or even breaking out those shorts you love for a day outside in the sun, there are so, so many better options. Wichita, let’s talk about those options!


We will be the first to say “dress your best”, but when it comes to Kansas Summers and more pleasant Kansas Springs, your best can easily mean something practical, comfortable, and still very stylish.

Athletic Wear

When you’re on the run, figuratively or quite literally, having a go-to brand you trust to keep you comfortable is important! Tasc is the brand we trust, and we could not recommend them enough!