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Suit, Blazer, or Sports Coat

Everyone knows what a suit is. It’s a staple of classic menswear that remains a cornerstone of modern fashion. We’ve all seen it on tv and in movies. We’ve worn them to funerals, weddings, and business meetings. It is timeless and elegant. The blazer and the sports coat, though not as famous as the suit, are also major contributions to any man’s wardrobe. Sometimes, however, the differences start to get confused and some men end up making some serious fashion mistakes because they don’t know how to distinguish between the three.

  • Suits

A suit consists of a formal coat, a pant, and occasionally a vest, all cut of the same fabric. The best suits are crafted from high quality wool while others are made of polyester and occasionally cotton. If you are going to invest in one, be sure it’s wool. It will breath well and sit more comfortably on your frame. The matching fabrics of all the pieces of a suit are important. Because a suit is cut all from the same fabric it gives it a uniform and elegant look. A lot of men will try to match a coat and trousers that are the same color but different fabrics. This breaks up the uniformity and appears to be mismatched and sloppy. Even though it may be the same color, the differences in the fabric will show.

  • Blazer

The blazer is a timeless garment with military roots. It is a coat only, similar in style to a suit coat with a few distinctions. The classic blazer is made of a fine wool fabric, usually in navy, and is noted for its brass buttons. There are a few exceptions but generally this is what you will see. Over the years it has become popular with different kinds of clubs and details or logos on the buttons often identify to which one it belongs. A blazer is arguably one of the most versatile pieces in any mans wardrobe. A solid navy blazer can be dressed up seamlessly with dress slacks or dressed down with a nice pair of jeans or chinos.

  • Sports coat

A sports coat is a coat similar in style to the before mentioned coats, but can be made of many patterns, colors, and fabrics. The sports coat, like the blazer, does not have a matching trouser. It is a coat that, depending on the style, can be formal, casual, or somewhere in between. The fabric is preferably wool, ranging from fine luxury wool to thicker tweeds, but also can be cotton or linen. A sports coat will sometimes be solid, but it is usual to see patterns such as checks, herringbone and windowpanes. Like the blazer, a sports coat can be dressed up with slacks or dressed down with jeans, chinos, or khakis. Incorporating a sports coat to a casual outfit is a great way to set it apart and add depth. The creative options for adding a sports coat to your wardrobe are essentially limitless.

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